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Old Is New Again

Bringing back the oldies

This edition of Off the Beaten Path examines on some items in our past … and how they are being repurposed.

The Ed Sullivan/David Letterman Theater
When Dave Letterman retired, we wondered what would become of the beautiful, historic Ed Sullivan Theater. Fortunately we get to see how it has been reused for Stephen Colbert’s show. It’s a great video and shows some wonderful technology being integrated into the beautiful architecture.

Laurel & Hardy
Video killed the radio star (so they say) … but apparently it brings back the movie stars. Here’s a German group who have utilized Laurel & Hardy. It’s a fun video … and it’s great to see Laurel & Hardy’s comedic genius back in action!

Charlie Chaplin
As a fan of Chaplin, it was great to see Charlie’s work used by the group J-Five. This music video integrated Chaplin’s “silly song” which was revamped by J-Five. By the way, if you’ve never seen the old movie “Chaplin” with Robert Downey Jr., it’s worth the watch! It’s great!

And Finally …

Technology and Gaming
I find this amazing (though I’m not a “gamer”). Here’s new developing technology from Microsoft called “Hololens. It puts you and your environment IN an electronic game. It’s simply AMAZING! I can only imagine how this might be in the future as the technology is refined!

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