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Engineering Help

Broadcast engineering often seems to entail more than just broadcast duties

This edition of Off the Beaten Path has a little help for broadcast engineers. As we all know, engineers often fill multiple roles at the station from engineering to janitorial. Here are some links that might help you fill your other roles in the station.

Plumbing 101
Plumbing skills for engineers can be related to a clogged commode or to plumbing transmission line. Since liquid cooled transmitters are becoming more common-place, plumbing skills are needed for those cooling systems.

Electric 101
You’ll notice this is from the same Building & Construction Professionals website as the above plumbing site. So if there’s a website worth bookmarking for access on some of the “how to” items, this is it.

Electrical Engineering
This is a more advanced electrical engineering website. There are some excellent articles, guides, software, and training information related to high power, distribution, motors and more.

Engineering Forums
This site is a great reference for searching other engineering sites from crazy engineer to bio medicine forums.

Communications Law
Broadcast engineers have to keep up on changes in communications law, and this site is a very good reference site (keeping in mind it’s not a replacement for an actual communications lawyer).

And finally …
Many of us grew up with Mr. Rogers. Here’s a peek at some behind-the-scenes photos of “The Neighborhood.”

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