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From Vietnam to Star Trek (and some diversions)

Sometimes I group like items together for Off the Beaten Path … and then there’s times like this where I mix it all together (I think mom called this, at least as a vegetable side dish, succotash!)

Top 10 Songs of Vietnams
In the past, we’ve looked at Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam and even underground radio of Vietnam (“Radio First-Termer”). The soundtrack to “Good Morning, Vietnam!” gave us an idea of song that GIs would have heard. Here, a blogger (Doug Bradley) grouped together a playlist of songs, sort of a top 10 soundtrack to his tour in Vietnam.

1955 Guide to the Good Wife
WARNING: The following could get you in a lot of trouble if you expect any this in the year 2016! But back in 1955, this was called “The Good Wife’s Guide.” I don’t want to make any comments as they could be counter-productive to my good health (and marriage). With that said, this is pretty funny.

Tech Support Scammer
Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen radio stations held ransom to ransomware installed on everything from business systems to automation systems. Lately I’ve even seen a few bogus “pop-ups” that really look legit that include the old Windows “blue screen of death” and a computer voice saying “Comcast found spyware on your computer … your system is in jeopardy… please call the number on your screen for assistance immediately.”

What adds validity is the ability of these pop-ups to add that one grain of truth (e.g. knowing that Comcast is my provider) … but otherwise I do know it’s false and simply close the Window (P.S. Thanks, Microsoft and Win10 for, so far, a pretty good antivirus system!). This article is fun to consider since most of us who’ve ever been hit with a virus or spyware would like to strangle the person who created it in the first place. This article is an entertaining “revenge article.”

Star Trek Designs
The recent “Star Trek Beyond” movie came out with all that cool-looking futuristic technology. Related to this is how the designers come up with these ideas. Here’s a great article about the conceptual technology and designing it for the movies.

And finally …
You gotta love creativity! And to heck with safety (at least in this case). Here are some funny pics including the worst “grounding system” EVER!

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