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Strange Stuff

The cloud bears infinite fruit

There’s so much stuff on the web to explore. I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, graduated in 1981, and didn’t see my first computer until about 1983 (and that was part of the new card catalog system at Alden Library at Ohio University).

The Air Force “suggested” I learn the Sperry and Burroughs computer systems at AFRTS in the mid-to-late ’80s. (Okay, they forced me to learn it, but I’m very glad they did!) In some ways, we recognize that computers and the network take away from the times we built forts in the woods to hanging out with friends (and getting in trouble), yet the ’net also provides information that we couldn’t have found in the best libraries. Here’s a collection of more stuff I’ve stumbled upon on the internet.

Orwell … The Matrix … Or Simply Strange?
I came across this story and had a laugh out of it. It’s just one of those very weird stories you stumble across and wonder whether people are geniuses or simply on too much medication. It’s always interesting to see what people are coming up with.

In the Cloud
We hear about all sorts of internet things being “in the cloud,” generally meaning it’s hosted, served or comes from the internet (or “the cloud”). Here’s music “from the cloud” … just not what you’d expect. I won’t comment on the quality.

Old Food or Odd Food?
I grew up in the northeast area of Ohio. Like people in Pennsylvania, New York and the northeast U.S., we have this “delicacy” that is known by different names. In Ohio (near Amish country), they’re called Krepples. Further east I’ve heard them called Scrapples. Basically the stuff that doesn’t make it into a pork hot dog is still used to make this meat. It may be the only meat that appears as grey in color in the meat market (it’s “normal” color as it is not red or pink). Just in case you haven’t eaten and are squeamish, I won’t elaborate. I will say that it was inexpensive and sometime people on tight budgets opted for this or “soup bones” … but it actually taste dang good when fried up in a skillet. Anyhow, some foods disappear over time. Here’s a link to a look at what people 100 years ago were eating.

New Music Instruments
Like “beauty being in the eye of the beholder,” music can be the same way! So for those who love music … “music is in the ear of the beholder” as well.

The BEST Record Stores
You KNEW this had to exist. We loved CDs when they came out, but what we gave up was “audio texture.” The die-hard analog guys all claim that nothing compares to vinyl (you may agree, you may disagree). For those still looking for that new LP, here’s the best record stores (at least as of a couple of years ago). Still a beautiful site to see the “stacks of wax.”

And finally — just for fun …

Or… Hear any good jokes lately…

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].