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Places You May Never Get to See

But through the magic of the internet, you can

First, anytime you are enticed to a link with a list and a claim like “you won’t believe #18!” just know that they’re suckering you in and you’ll probably bail before you ever get to #18 (and may regret being lured into a malware-infested site). With that said, we start this latest Off the Beaten Path with one of those websites.

Places You’ll Never Visit
I actually like this link, but only because there actually ARE a few interesting places (like #4, which I’ve heard about — the “secret/expensive/private” Disney World club).

Historic Places
This is actually an interesting site ( It comes from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Lots of interesting things to see here!

Canada, Eh?
I grew up in the Northeast area of Ohio. Like people in Pennsylvania, New York and the northeast United States, I love Canada! It’s a beautiful place to visit and such nice people! On my last trip, I visited the Christie video projector company in Kitchener just to the southwest of Toronto. If you’re thinking of a trip up there (whether for some fishing or whether sightseeing), here are some things to check out.

Abbey Road Studios
I can’t get you into the famous Abbey Road Studios, but I can show you the EMI REDD.37 console used to record The Beatles (with a pair of Studer recorders).

On my list of places I’d love to take my wife and daughters (if I won the lottery) would be Warner Brother Studio Tour in London (actually outside of London at Leavesden) where they shot the Harry Potter movies. The studio and tour are interesting not just because of it being the filming location for movies, but even the history of the studio and backlot. During WWII it was the Leavesden Aerodrome, which was a factory and airfield for military planes. It sounds like a great place to visit (over 79 acres)!

And finally …
My most memorable teacher in high school was my senior year (1980–81). Mr. (Jim) Nixon at Dover (Ohio) High School taught government, but one day a week he’d commit about 15 minutes of class to teaching manners. Mr. Nixon felt that our generation wasn’t learning all the important things we should know about manners (from holding doors open for people to proper eating etiquette). Thirty-five years later, I still remember his lessons (the manners part … not so much the government part) and still appreciate the fact that he cared enough to take it upon himself to teach us something “outside of the lesson plan.” I came across this web link which reminded me of him and thought I’d share it with you. Thank you, Mr. Nixon!

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].