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2019 Radio World Sourcebook & Directory

An annual reference guide and supplement

Here’s your 2019 Radio World Source Book & Directory, a resource for professionals working in the U.S. radio broadcasting industry.Check it out online here.

What companies are listed here? Any industry supplier that responded to our solicitation emails toward the end of 2018.

You’ll find the respondents listed alphabetically in the Vendor & Product Directory section starting on page 14.

Companies also tell us the type of hardware or service they offer; find those categories in the Supplier Cross Index starting on page 10.

On pages 4–9, sponsors highlight key products in the Profiles in Excellence section. Starting on page 29 are sponsored reprints of product stories that originally appeared in Radio World in recent months

We are grateful to the manufacturers and service providers who help build this industry and keep it on the air. We particularly hope you’ll support our advertisers, who make this publication and every issue of Radio World throughout the year possible.

How may we serve you better? Email me at [email protected].

— Paul McLane