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Best of Show: RCS AudioDisplay

Organize your new revenue streams

We are featuring the products that won the Radio World Best of Show Award at the 2024 NAB Show. Winners were chosen by a panel of engineers and RW editorial staff for their innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. information about how the program works can be found in an FAQ here.

AudioDisplay helps your organization develop new revenue streams by allowing granular management of text and image advertising content delivered in sync with your audio.

RDS and HD Radio ad campaigns run whenever an ad break is on air. Each campaign supports technology-specific content, so for instance you can use a short punchy message for RDS receivers and something more detailed for HD Radio, with an image. An account executive in the field can create or change a campaign while with a client and see the impact when next ad break plays. 

Sophisticated features including targeting multiple stations across time zones; priority settings; and flexibility to allow segment sponsorships to take place alongside, or independently of, on-air activity.

Philippe Generali and Paul McLane practice good display habits.

(Photo credit: Jim Peck)

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