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Inside the July 3 Issue of RW

It’s new equipment season again!

It’s new equipment season again! The annual “Summer of Products” feature is all about new gear that has come onto the market in recent months. Here and in the next several issues we feature equipment that caught our eye. Also, check out our Buyer’s Guide to consoles, mixers and routers in this issue.


Hybrid Radio Making Strides

The promise of “hybrid” radio technology has yet to be realized, but while 2019 may not be a breakout year, participants say significant milestones are being met. The term hybrid radio refers to platforms to provide a seamless combination of broadcast radio and internet technologies.

Strickland Taught the Industry About RF Safety

When it came to teaching engineers about RF safety, few could hold a candle — or an RF monitor — to Richard Strickland. During his long career, Strickland instructed thousands on topics related to RF radiation safety and compliance. He died in 2018 at age 73, following a long battle with cancer.