How Remote Codecs are Transforming Radio Remotes

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Portable IP codecs have transformed remotes, bringing a level of reliability, flexibility and sound quality to a staple of many radio broadcasts. So, what’s next?

Plenty. A new breed of the technology offers studio-in-a-box functionality that not only makes easy work of remote broadcasts but also offers streaming, recording and playback functionality.

This e-book explores these advancements in context with how savvy broadcasters have put them to work in a diverse set of applications, including:

  • How remote IP codec technology is being used in the field across the globe
  • How IP remote codecs are facilitating everything from station remotes to play-by-play sports coverage successfully
  • How advanced IP codec functions are being leveraged to ensure the success of remote broadcasts even when walking to work

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How IP is Changing Radio Broadcasting From the Field promo image

How IP is Changing Radio Broadcasting From the Field

Remote IP codecs are portable, rugged and stable systems that offer increased bandwidth connectivity, hybrid functionality and connection flexibility. And they are changing the game for radio broadcasters. This eBook provides radio broadcasters some real world examples of stations that are using remote IP codecs as well as tips for assessing which one best fits the bill.