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Some Secrets of the Master

A little deconstructing of music

This edition of Off the Beaten Path centers on music. Many of my friends in radio are also “closet rock’n rollers” who play guitars, sing and make great music. I played drums as a kid, but unfortunately you can’t really play drums and enjoy that “music” on its own … nor was it nearly as cool as guitar (sorry, drummers).

Hotel California
This is a beautiful iso-track of “Hotel California”’s lead guitar track featuring Joe Walsh and Don Felder.

Hotel California — A Cappella-Style
This is a pretty amazing version of “Hotel California” but with just voices singing and reproducing the instruments but with just voices.

Master Tracks
Check out this piece on Duane Allman’s and Eric Clapton’s work on Layla.

McCartney Remastered
Fans of McCartney will be happy to know that some of his early ’80s works have been remastered and some remixed. Here’s the story and you can check out “Take It Away,” 2015-style.

And Finally …
Here’s a great story from Smithsonian about the electric guitar’s long and louder strange trip.

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