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That Time Again — Vegas, Baby!

Dan turns his thoughts to the next NAB Show

Those who attended NAB last year are starting to receive their registration material for the convention already, so we’re just about four months away from NAB 2016. This year will be my 25th consecutive visit to the NAB in Vegas. Like most who have attended this long (and some much longer), we’ve seen that Vegas is a city always in motion and transition. Though it’s a few months away, now is the time to start making our arrangements. Actually, statistically your best time to make your travel arrangements will be later this month or early in February. I’m seeing cross-country airfare as low as $130 right now … but it will only increase in cost as we get closer.

To give you a taste of Vegas and the changes, here are a few links to let you know what’s new and what has changed. As we get closer to NAB, I’ll review last year’s “tip sheet” on things to know for your NAB trip to Vegas. People who have gone numerous times will know a lot of these things, but you might share this with those who haven’t gone often or this might be their first trip.

“Geo Vegas”
This might be a good place to start if you are new to the whole Vegas experience.

“Today & Tomorrow”
Here’s a look at what is there now and coming.

“What’s New in Vegas”
A little sneak peek into some things that are new.

“Other New”
As Vegas is such a tourist mecca, plenty of places to find new happenings. What did we do before the Internet?

And finally …
Found this very cool trick on making a spare key. Pretty ingenious!

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