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Stuff to Watch

Beep-beep! Dan contemplates Bel Airs, ukeleles and walruses

This edition of Off the Beaten Path includes a bunch of videos of things you’ve probably not seen before.

We hear so many sound effects in movies and TV shows, but sometimes forget how they were “made.” Here’s a great story and some interviews about how the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons got their effects from Treg Brown.

2009 vs. 1959 Car Crash Test
This is not only interesting, but fun to watch. The only bad part is seeing this beautiful ’59 Chevy Bel Air destroyed for the video.

Queen on the Ukulele
Jake Shimabukuro is one of (if not the most) accomplished ukulele players in the world. You may like hearing the very complex “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen being played on this unusual instrument. It’s unique and memorable.

BBC DJs in 1970
Ahhh … radio in the 1970s! What a time! Here’s a great video from nearly 50 years ago of the U.K.’s BBC and how people responded to the DJs.

U.S. DJ in the late 80s
Radio in the 1980s had a lot of great DJs. How much fun we had listening … and how much fun they sounded like they were having on the air! Here’s JoJo Kincaid from KKLQ in San Diego totally “becoming part of the music.. part of the show … and part of the radio!”

And finally …
The Beatles have had about everyone record their music over the years, but this might be the most unusual (and I think, one of the COOLEST remakes!). First, the person singing isn’t a singer, but, Dang!, he did a heck of job interpreting “I Am the Walrus.” Maybe the fact that George Martin also worked with him makes this very interesting. Here’s Jim Carrey, and “I Am the Walrus.”

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