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Boning up before the big trip to Vegas

There are so many great resources for radio people out on the web. So often I stumble across one from an old engineer or from a manufacturer that really is interesting, entertaining, informative, or educational. If you know of some, please send them my way. Here are just a few of my latest hauls.

A Brief History of Radio
From the folks at CSU Fullerton comes a great video called “A Brief History of Radio Devices 1900 to 1927.” This takes us back to the old days of crystal sets. It’s very informative and educational.

Acoustic Academy
From microphone manufacturer Neumann comes an excellent tutorial page on microphones and miking instruments, as well as explanations of terminology related to mics.

Mackie Academy
Mackie, a company that made a name for itself with live sound mixers before branching out, has always had useful information on its website. There’s info on live sound, digital audio and instructional videos.

Radio World
I’d be remiss to not mention that Radio World itself has many excellent resources on line via articles, columns, recorded webinars and ebooks. Here’s a quick direct link.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Web
Every now and then, I fall for something on the Web that isn’t “quite so.” Luckily, Brett Moss of Radio World checks the material and catches the occasional “gotchas.” Here’s a fun website of things that are certainly clever … just not “copacetic.” By the way, as you look at the first item, note that it is NOT the correct way to create an “earth ground.”

And finally …

The NAB Show is coming!
This year is my 26th consecutive visit to Las Vegas for the NAB, a city that’s always changing. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll devote this blog to Vegas and our BIG broadcast convention. I did this same blog last year at this time but have added to it. For now, here’s your Vegas teaser … and Las Vegas quiz.

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest … maybe some other great online resources you could pass along for me to share on a future OTBP, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].