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Making Waves

Dan’s doctor has prescribed a post-NAB Show regimen of wave therapy which he shares with you

As I recuperate from the NAB Show, I search for relaxation. So this edition of Off the Beaten Path is all about waves. This is a collection of everything from public domain audio files to waves from movies and TV shows, to FX and PSAs. I’ve shared one or two of these links before, but this is all about waves — calming, rejuvenating waves. There’s a lot of sound in these links!


Movie Clips

Daily Wave SFX

PSA Central


Free Music Archive

And finally …
Under “Things you didn’t know.” Did you know that there’s a relatively easy way to get free of duct tape? I just found this a strange “Did you know?” but then thought “MacGyver would be proud” if we all knew this one.

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