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Stranger Things

Eva Braun’s knickers, need we say more?

There’s been a lot of press lately about news concerning the internet and its “lack of reliability” … or, as some call it “fake news.” The trouble is that we all sometimes “bite that hook” when you get something just close enough to be real that you think it must be. Here are some links that I questioned but do think they’re legit (and don’t appear to have malware attached to them). Sometimes this is based on actually digging a little. Other times Brett Moss of Radio World lets me know that I had “bit the hook.”

And then there are times when they actually come from legitimate news organizations (like the BBC — see below for an interesting one from them). So next time you go to share a story on the internet that has you all riled up, check it out before sharing it … or don’t share it.

Hitler’s Wife’s “Knickers”
I had to laugh when I first saw this, and I certainly thought “BOGUS!!!” But then I noticed it came from a generally VERY reliable agency … Auntie Beeb (the BBC).

Here’s a list of interesting coincidences … from Lincoln to the Hoover Dam and how the ONLY two cars in Ohio in 1895 managed to run into each other.

Vintage News
Man, I love this website. They have the coolest oddities and old stuff here … and I keep finding stuff. Some of it seems just too strange to be true, but it all appears to be legit (though I know photos can easily be faked). From Vintage News comes an interesting story on the “United States.”

Scary News
Those of us involved in electronic media probably find this slightly scarier than the other readers. There is truth behind the story and solar flares and EMP burst, but they also paint a pretty extreme scenario. No matter what you think, might be reason to stock up on a few pieces of tube-type gear. ☺

Checking Internet Stories
So you’ve read a story on the internet and question the validity. Here’s my favorite site for checking stuff out. It seems to be a fairly trusted site (though you occasionally see another internet story claiming Snopes is run by [insert name of evil corporate owner here] so all the stories are “fixed”) … but it seems to genuinely separate most bogus from real stories.

And finally …
I really loved Robin Williams’ work — such a talented, creative, funny, and FAST individual. When he took his own life, it was like a “punch to the stomach.” I wondered and even felt “how could someone who spent his whole life making people laugh, be so selfish and hurt so many by talking his own life?” For a while, it felt like he almost negated his lifetime of making me personally laugh or smile by ending his life the way he did.

So maybe I was MEANT to find and read this. It comes from and was written by his Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider Williams, and shares a lot of personal information. This may be one of the most important things you read today because it shares information not known to most of us about a medical condition which may affect someone you know. After reading it, I was able to better accept the death of someone I truly appreciated. Rest in peace, Robin … and thank you for the many years of sharing your talent.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].