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Vegas Bound!

Dan can’t wait to get to Sin City

Many broadcasters are on their way to Lost Wages, NV … errr, Las Vegas, with all the lights, artificial sounds of jackpots, and the excitement of the NAB Show.

Fly Healthy
Flying to Vegas (or anywhere) is always a little bit of an experience. From the friendly TSA agents wanting to make sure “everything is good,” to the “cattle car” (AKA flying coach in a plane). WebMD has some great advice for traveling to stay healthy while being cramped up next to the sneezing, hacking person and the crying baby.

Speaking of TSA Agents
From Business Insider is a list of handy tips on how to get through the airport faster and hassle-free.

Vegas Weather
After many trips to Las Vegas for the NAB convention, I can assure you that it will be generally pretty nice weather. If you’re coming from Ohio, it’s going to be a LOT nicer (probably), but coming from Miami, you’ll find similar temperatures but a major lack of any humidity. For the week of the NAB Show, the weather calls for highs in the low 80s, with the nighttime chilling down to the upper 50s. So heading out in the morning, it will be comfortable. Then by the time you leave the Las Vegas Convention Center, expect it to be hot. But if you’re attending an after-hours party, expect it to be chilly if “you’re hoofing it.”

In the years I’ve been there, the most notable thing is the wind. It sometimes really picks up. And if it’s evening or the temps haven’t gone up, it cuts through you. As for rain, in 26 years, I think I’ve seen it rain on two trips. Not very likely to get wet … but you never know. You really do need a light jacket after sunset. Also keep in mind that the hotels and casinos sometimes run things on the cold side.

LOTS to eat in Vegas
There are a lot of great places to eat in Sin City. From the all-u-can eat places in about every casino to the big names in cooking. I found a few worth mentioning. First, I’m not a big steak fan, but The Steak House in Circus Circus deserves mentioning. It’s been voted “the best steak in Vegas” for 30 years … and there’s a good reason. There wasn’t a scrap of steak left on the plate. Just incredible. Sure, Circus Circus isn’t the top destination for many, but you’re missing the best steak ever if you don’t visit The Steak House.

Further on down the strip, Aria has their buffet. As a big fan of Alaskan snow crab legs, I’ve got to mention that this place is beautiful and the food is awesome. As opposed to MGM, where they serve snow crabs on ice, Aria has them steamed hot with lots of butter. Delicious!

And when I worked for Hubbard Broadcasting, Mr. Hubbard liked the Hash House a Go Go inside the Linq hotel & casino (formerly the Imperial Palace). If you’re hungry, bring a BIG appetite. I’m not kidding when I say I really think a family of four could easily eat the food delivered on just one plate. They call this “Twisted Farm Food.” Another awesome choice!

Old Vegas Pics
Here are some pics of the original Flamingo (a la Bugsy). This website, vintage Las Vegas has lots and lots of great photos from Vegas’ history (since most gets demolished).

Vegas Trivia
Las Vegas is certainly an interesting place. If you don’t have the ability to go to another planet, it’s probably the closest thing to being in another world. Here are a few websites with some interesting Vegas facts (note that a few are out-of-date on some information …).

34 Things First-Time Visitors Need To Know About Las Vegas

50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Las Vegas

Las Vegas Facts

And finally …
Just a reminder to STAY SAFE in Las Vegas. It’s a large city and easy enough to find yourself where you may not have intended to go. Traveling in groups is always safer, but if you’re alone, here’s a link with some excellent tips on staying safe!

Good luck and see you out there!

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