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It’s kind of like a stew

Here are some interesting websites if you are looking for something to look at over your breakfast or lunch (mind fodder). We start with the place where I work, New World Center. I’ve added a few interesting links on some modern homes, listening to old music, lost Marilyn Monroe footage and the United States prior to the EPA.

360 Video
Recently the Discovery Channel people paid a visit to New World Symphony to look around the concert hall as Michael Tilson Thomas (M.T.T.) was rehearsing with the fellows. Don’t let a bad shot throw you. YOU are in control of the view, so be sure to pan around and see the place.

Shipping Container Homes
You see big ugly shipping containers on ships and being hauled on semis, but this link shows you a completely different use for those heavy steel shipping containers.

Civil War … In Color
Years ago, there was a big stink about colorizing old B&W movies. They produced some really “strange” results. But here are 25 colorized Civil War photos. It brings a new life to these very old pictures and makes them feel even more real.

Cement Factory Home
You could file this one under “cool.” Seeing old buildings turned into something else is always interesting. For instance, in Bethlehem, Pa., “the stacks” (part of a steel factory) have been turned into new space. There’s new construction along with the old, and it hosts a casino and hotel, a PBS station, and more. For this link, we see a cement factory turned into a home.

Cleaning Up The Beatles
From Wired magazine comes this info on how a live Beatles recording was cleaned up. It was a live recording from the Hollywood Bowl. The screaming kids made it difficult to enjoy the music. Through the magic of digital signal processing, you get to actually hear a sample of “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” cleaned up so the crowd noise is minimized.

Cleaning Up the U.S.A.
After industrialization, the U.S. started “getting dirty.” Even as a kid, I remember being behind cars at stop lights with putrid smoke pouring out the exhaust and nearly getting asphyxiated in our car just being behind those cars (of course, the people in the car behind us probably had the same thought about us!). Here’s a link to flickr’s Documerica page, an archive to an early Environmental Protection Agency photographic program.

And Finally …
Here’s a little “Behind the scenes” look of some lost Marilyn Monroe footage and photos.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].