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Oak for Spamiversary

Celebrating an American institution, the culinary kind

Thanks for checking in on my blog! Sometimes they are “themed” and other times (like this time), they’re just a collection of goofy links. I’m always open to your “goofy link ideas,” so please shoot me an email if you find an interesting website. Lots of interesting links today to share, starting with one connected to some pretty cool free software … a “silence sensor” software.

Software-Based Silence Sensor
I love free software, though sometimes it doesn’t love me (thank goodness for “restore points”). Here’s some software that can monitor a sound card on a PC and respond according to your own parameters (including voice synthesize announcing). For the money (free), it can’t be beat … and fun to play with.

New Navy Ship
Though I was “Air Force,” it’s always interesting to see what the military comes up with. A lot of “civilian” technology is built on military ideas and technologies, though I don’t see this nautical design being well accepted for the “yachting crowd.” This is the U.S. Navy’s new destroyer class, named Zumwalt, after its first ship, the U.S.S. Zumwalt. She’s an interesting ship.

Nightmare Sound
Ever have a nightmare audio problem? A hum, a buzz or a weird sound you just can’t track down? Well, here’s a device MADE to sound bad (or scary)! This is the nightmare audio machine (or an instrument) made to create “horror movie sounds.” Very creative idea!

The Return of Vinyl
Ah, the good old days of records and back-cuing cue-burnt records! After being retired 28 years, Sony has decided “there’s gold in them-thar hills” as they bring vinyl back to production. Others have continued to keep vinyl alive on a limited basis, but Sony is a big player so it’s good news for “analog enthusiasts” to see a major company planning on pressing discs again. Now we’ll see if broadcast equipment manufacturers decide it’s time to bring lathes and transcriptions back. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Vintage Mics
Recently I found a great old RCA ribbon stage mic, MI-6204-B, and got it at a great deal. Unfortunately, Mrs. Slentz has reminded me our youngest needs braces, so this one is going on eBay (it works and sounds dang nice for a 70-year old mic!). Ribbon mics of nearly any design are treasures, and nothing beats that unique warm ribbon sound. I occasionally post links to how they are refurbished or collectors. For this link, John Holt discusses vintage mics. If you want to explore ribbon mics further, just do a search on YouTube for some excellent videos on about every aspect of microphones.

Big Headed Presidents
This is interesting if you haven’t seen or heard of it before. At one time, someone had the idea of a sort of “amusement parks” with big-headed president statues. (Insert your own joke here) Unfortunately walking around looking at giant presidential heads flopped big time (maybe if they would have attached roller coasters to their heads it might have flown, but they didn’t). When that park failed, someone decided that it might be nice having these … and this link from the BBC shows them today and talks about potential plans for these giant presidential heads.

“In Living Colour … on the BBC”
No, not a spelling mistake. Our friends in the U.K. have been pioneers in broadcasting and the BBC discusses the history of “colour” TV in the U.K. at this link. There are some great pictures of their gear and an explanation as to how the U.K. rolled out color (or colour) to their country.

Space Cadets?
My fellow vets know about our different branches and their peculiarities. We have the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and even the former Army Air Corps … and the Space Corps! The what? From Popular Mechanics comes this story about the possibility of the new “Space Corps” (which would fall under the Department of the Air Force. Where do I sign up?!

And finally …
Eighty-year old Spam? Okay, the actual can of Spam isn’t 80, but who knows, maybe it could survive 80 years! Spam celebrates its 80th birthday this year. Created and making its first appearance near the end of the Great Depression back in 1937, it has been with us ever since. So grab a can of Spam, shove 80 candles in the top, and celebrate its birthday.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it.My email address is [email protected].