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Knowledge, Life, Love, Talent, Junk & Waste

Dan gets philosophical, sort of

Here are stories related to recycling, reusing, and just “getting rid of stuff.” Stories from around the web that might make your eyes tear up to maybe saying “holy cow!”

My friend Jeff Orr sent me this link. Jeff is an “IT guru” and an incredible radio engineer. Here’s a treasure-trove of free Microsoft eBooks. Just about anything you might want to learn about Microsoft software and systems are here.

Get your tissues out … you’ll need them on this one. This story reminds us how important organ donations are.

Pet lovers understand how most animals give you their unconditional love. It seems more people find dogs great companions and best friends than their human prospects. Here’s a neat little story about a dog rescue that is mobile and delivers your “adoption” from a trailer full of dogs. Dog lovers will enjoy this story.

One thing many of us enjoy in radio, is sharing our skills and our knowledge (our talent). Anyone familiar with Led Zeppelin knows the talent of Jimmy Page and his skill with a guitar. Here’s a great video for guitarists and rockers to watch as Page teaches some younger guitarists the art of playing “Kashmir” on a six-string.

Ever have to help a buddy or relative just “clean up the little bit of junk” from their basement or garage? Imagine walking into a basement and finding a NASA computer from 1962! It happen … and here’s the story.

Len Doughty, the owner-manager of KPGC(LP) in Norman, Ark., sent this funny link. The one thing we’re good at is consistently producing waste … and everything needs a place for that waste. Here’s a link to a variety of “waste collectors.” Who would have thought this website existed?

And finally …
Tape measures. We’ve all used them. Ever wonder about those black diamonds printed on them? If you didn’t know what they are for, or anything else on a tape measure you don’t know, here’s the scoop (and construction folks don’t need to follow the link … they already know the answer).

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].