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Technology — Old, Current and Future

Dan digs ships

For this Off the Beaten Path, let’s look at technology. Some of it old … some out today … some in the near future.

H.L. Hunley
This is an interesting story and follow-up to a Civil War-era event and new technology of the 1800s. The H.L. Hunley was one of the earliest manned subs, and with the modern day discovery of the sub, the answer to why it sunk may have finally been found. Here’s the story.

Many of us enjoy a little time out on the water. Maybe it’s a canoe, a kayak, a row boat, or maybe even a nice fishing boat or pontoon boat. If you’re “Jed Clampett” or Bill Gates, maybe you have one of these floating bad boys. This link is about the high-end boats referred to as “superyachts.”

Amazing Inventions
Here’s a great link to some very creative new inventions. Inventions don’t necessarily have to be something earth-shattering and completely new, but a creative way to do something new with old technology or simply improving something we’ve used for years. Some of these are so cool, you’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

A New Smartphone
There’s always a stir about the next iPhone or Galaxy or cool smartphone, but when broadcasters see a name they know, it’s sure to stir up some excitement. Anyone in high-end film production, digital cinema, or who has ventured the great halls of the NAB in Vegas is familiar with the name Red. Red is a high-end video camera … but now that name is appearing on a cellphone. Here’s the story.

Invasive Technology
Sometimes new technology comes with concerns. When I first stumbled upon this, I thought it was a bogus story. But as I looked into it and explored it based on my own surfing and use of Google, I found it was true! I’m not a lawyer, but I really wonder how something like this could come into play without mutual consent between all parties involved. I know many of us (myself included) go through these 50-page electronic agreements with software by simply clicking the “agree,” but maybe this is why we shouldn’t?!

What if you found out one of the big companies you use for internet and software regularly recorded your conversation? If you are like me, you’d say, “Nah, not going to happen.” But when I reviewed this info, I could hear conversations and see where Google actually had recorded my conversations. So, here you go! Here’s the info. Please be sure to share this info with others if you agree more people should know.

Raspberry Pi
We’re seeing more people and manufacturers take advantage of minicomputers (or microprocessors) and operating systems that allow inexpensive computing without expensive operating systems. Out at the NAB Show this year, I spoke with a couple manufacturers using Raspberry Pis and similar devices to build very cool and inexpensive broadcast products! Here’s a link to the Raspberry Pi on-line resources.

Need JUST a Little More Desktop?
At work, I have three monitors now tied to my computer for different needs. For instance, I can bring up a remote TeamViewer image of a radio automation system on one monitor, email on another, and internet on the third. Very helpful when trying to resolve tech problems and making settings changes. This works pretty well and is a fine solution for many. But, if you want the “mother of all desktops” where one monitor has everything, here’s one that may be for you!

And Finally…
Beer. Many radio people have had one at the end of a long day. It’s been around since (at least) the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Babylonians started “tapping kegs” (Okay, maybe they didn’t have keggers but they did have beer!) I stumbled across this interesting story from about the 13 strangest beers on Earth. So if you’re inclined, pop a cold something and read the story here.

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].