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Just Killing Time and Net Surfing

The hazy, crazy days of winter

Well, we’re in the hazy period of holiday time, probably enjoying some time in and around work. If you aren’t quite ready to think about the holidays or work, just killing some time, here are a few sites that might be fun to check out.

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s RV!
As the Rich Brothers used to say on B100 in San Diego when wrapping up their radio show in the ’80s, “Holy mackerel, whatta show!” — Well, holy mackerel, whattan RV! As someone who has owned an RV, my own experience left me with the feeling that every time I took the thing out, it was anything BUT a vacation (pumping sewage to dead batteries to clogged catalytic converters!). Well, this is the “Earth Roamer,” and it’s a beaut! Looks like it would go anywhere, except maybe past a gas station! But then again, if you can afford a beast like this, you probably aren’t worried about the cost of gas.

Life on Mars
I’m “one of those people” who believe we’re not alone, nor that the Earth is the only inhabitable planet in the vast universe. This website is a fun one for surfing as they have all kinds “discovery-like” stories. From DiscoveryTheWord comes data from NASA’s Mars rover which MAY prove the existence of Life on Mars (at least at one time).

Scary Places
Though we’re long past Halloween, we all know that anything abandoned can be scary — from empty houses in the middle of the woods to abandoned factories or old TB sanitariums. But is there anything scarier than an abandoned mental asylum? This website includes six of the scariest in the U.S. It includes “The Ridges” from Athens, Ohio (now part of Ohio University), the old Athens “insane asylum. I’ve been there! (Not as a patient, mind you, smarty pants.) The place really IS haunted!

Combining Space and Scary Places
If this blog were songs and this was a radio station, this would be a good segue. What happens when you combine space and scary places (other than the movie “Alien”)? You get the abandoned Soviet space shuttle. From CNN comes some cool pics of the Soviets’ version of our space shuttles, left to rot!

This Ain’t Your Kid’s Toy

Or is it? This will probably put a smile on your face or give you a little laugh. Your kids (or grandkids) probably had a Little Tykes car. You know the one — Yellow roof, red body. They sat in it and scooted around. Well, now you can have one too! (Get ready for that laugh I promised you.)

And finally…
Thinking about retirement or “just getting out of the rat race”? Looking for a “nice place to live”? CNN Travel has this gallery for the 10 happiest cities in America.

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].