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Ancient Traffic Systems

No, we’re not talking about how the chariots gridlocked in Rome or royal carriages collided in London or Paris, but rather traffic systems for radio operations.

The Traffic Directors Guild of America is having an informal contest asking members — What is the first (or earliest) traffic software system you remember seeing or working with?

They are looking for computer-based systems, not graphite, rubber and paper systems. That puts a time window on the effort. Sadly, no prizes are involved (other than the satisfaction that you can still remember that old system while most of your colleagues use phrases such as, ‘the thingie that made the noise with the lights. You remember? It was called “Compu-something” or “Digi-doohickey” … There were some letters involved, I’m sure of that … ’)

Responses and amusing (or embarrassing) stories can be sent to [email protected].