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Rick & Bubba’s 20th

That’s 20 years on the air

No matter what their shtick, level of success or how far down their noses the highbrows look at them, anyone who survives on radio for 20 years deserves some applause and respect.

So it is with Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey of “The Rick & Bubba Show,” celebrating its 20th year on the air, Jan. 8.

The morning show is nationally syndicated by Syndicated Solutions Inc. It’s a typical morning show, which means a lot of zany antics, free-form chatter, toilet humor, celeb interviews, goofy characters in goofier skits, good cause cup-rattling, etc. all designed to entertain a hardcore and loyal audience. They do keep the raunch-level down a few notches. And apparently this has worked for two decades for Rick & Bubba. The two hard-working chubby dudes have laughed all the way to the bank with restaurants, books, events, magazine articles, speaking engagements, goodies and more.

In fact, it’s so successful that the Rick & Bubba crew has a 20th Anniversary Tour scheduled for May with at least five stops on the itinerary.

A release explains the show’s evolution and multiplatform expansion over that time: “The Rick & Bubba Show is a successful multimedia broadcast available on 60+ radio affiliates, 50+ television affiliates via TNN/Heartland Network, can be accessed via UStream.TV, a 24/7 TuneIn channel, online streaming, iHeartRadio, Xtreme Club, a mobile app experience and a very potent and successful Social Media platform.”

Burgess chuckles, “What’s funny is most ‘experts’ said ‘The Rick & Bubba Show’ wouldn’t be on the air for 20 days and here we are 20 years …I’m not sure what that says about the ‘experts’ or our audience.”

Bubba gets to be serious, “We are so grateful for all that’s happened from the show these past 20 years, and we’re most thankful for our audience, our affiliates and our sponsors because none of it would be possible without their incredible support.”