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Giveaways @ NAB

Everybody likes to win free stuff!

If you find yourself at the NAB Show next week, here’s a cursory list of some giveaways that might be worth checking out. Visit the giveaway booths for more specifics and how to enter.

Top of any list would be Orban’s $30,000 “Station Rejuvenation” giveaway. They’ll be giving away two sets of $10,000-worth of winners’ choice of Orban equipment. They’ll also be giving away an Optimod-TV 6585, an Optimod-FM 5700 and an Optimod-PC 1101. Orban is at N5006.

What would really be great is if Bob Orban himself delivered the equipment to the winning station and actually installed it and tweaked it.

Adorama (C10548) is awarding some nice toys, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In respective order — a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, Sony FDR-AX1 digital 4K camcorder and a Covergent Design Odyssey 7Q video monitor/recorder.

Cinergy (SL11116) says is it giving out free Cinergy Player licenses to the first 1,000 people who visit the company’s booth. The company calculates that to be totaling $129,000. The Cinegy Player is a software video file player.

Storage specialist DataDirect Networks (SL8016) will be giving away a pair of iPad Airs.

Freefly Systems (C6719), a maker of camera stabilization equipment, is giving away 12 of its MoVI M5 camera stabilizers.

Another camera paraphernalia maker, Miller Camera Support (C9520), is raffling off a limited edition Miller LP ’54 Classic tripod. It’s not exactly a giveaway but the proceeds go to the NAB Educational Foundation. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, ProMAX is giving away one of its Platform Studio 16 TB gigabit shared storage systems. ProMAX is located at SL5422.

Perhaps the coolest giveaway item can be found at the Audio Network booth, SL9327. The audio library developer is giving away a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus guitar with a Honeyburst maple finish as part of its U.S. campaign.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. NAB Show veterans know that there are many giveaways that are discovered merely by walking by a booth. Exploration, and a wandering eye, are the key to sussing out the freebies.