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JBL Scales Everest

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In the fun, cost-is-no-object world of high-end consumer speakers dreamers can dream.

Case in point, JBL’s Project Everest DD67000. Checking in at around $75,000 per pair, with this update to the DD66000, JBL has spared no expense in the creation.

Technically, it’s a three-way speaker with dual 15-inch woofers. To quote from a product brochure: “The Everest DD67000’s 15-inch woofers combine the inherent musicality of natural pulp-cone fiber with the stiffness of a foam-injection core and a 4-inch, edge-wound aluminum voice coil. This material preserves sonic neutrality, dampens internal resonances, smoothes frequency balance and tightens bass response. We’ve employed dual-inverted Nomex spiders to offer greater freedom of motion and dynamic range, specifically at low playback levels.”

In the middle is a 4-inch beryllium diaphragm mid-range driver with an edge-wound aluminum voice coil. At the high is a 1-inch beryllium compression driver with a magnesium phase plug.

The boxes themselves are medium-density fiberboard with rosewood and maple finishes available.

At this price you might expect that amps would be built in but then you don’t understand high end audio. If you can part with $75,000 for speakers you can certainly be expected to pay at least that much for a pair of boutique amplifiers to run the show. JBL recommends 100–500 watts. Naturally, biwiring is available because amp moods can change and who wants to rewire when your mood switches from Mark Levinson to McIntosh?

One chuckles but JBL makes good speakers and it is fun to dream about what pros can come up with when they aren’t held back by a tight budget.