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Radio Flash Mob

A kid wants a birthday card

An odd lot of Cumulus Media, its “Nash Nights Live” and “Nights Live With Adam Bomb” and “America’s Morning Show” along with “The Bert Show” are trying to whip up the radio equivalent of a flash mob.

The shows are encouraging listeners to send birthday cards to five-year old Danny Nickerson of Foxboro, Mass. Danny’s birthday is Friday, when he’ll be six. And he says all he wants is a “big box of birthday cards.” He likes cards with his name on them.

So why the effort? Danny has an inoperable brain tumor from a rare form of cancer. The outlook is not good.

Hanky alert. Here is an ABC News report on the sad story. Here is “America’s Morning Show”’s take. “Nash Nights Live” sends their best here. And here is the page for “Nights Live With Adam Bomb.”