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Can't afford programming? Think again.
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Recently I’ve been talking about LPFMs. In this edition of Off the Beaten Path, some programming options (short and long form) that you may find helpful to supplement your station’s programming. I’m opening this topic up with the hopes that we might have a few editions under the subject of free programming and freebies for noncoms.

Miscellaneous Programming at College Broadcasters Inc.
There’s a plethora of short and long programming available to help supplement programming for noncommercial radio stations (including LPFMs) from College Broadcasters Inc.

Animal Radio Show
There’s a version of this show for nonprofit that is free. It is on a market exclusive availability so if someone else airs it in your area, you don’t. Their mission is to help the 68% of U.S. households with pets. You can contact to find out more. The slogan is “Through education and awareness, together we’re helping animals live healthy, happier lives.”

Better Fathering
Keith Schumacher hosts another free radio program all about being fathers. It’s part of “Watch D.O.G.S.” (Dads of Great Students). You can find out more about this programming and contact this group through their website. “Watch D.O.G.S.” is a national program that is currently operating in over 4,100 schools in 46 states, Washington, Puerto Rico and four foreign countries. You can also find out info about that group at

Thom Hartmann Talk Show
Here’s a free live program referred to as a progressive talk show with news, opinions, and debate. As I was writing this and researching some free programs, I stumbled across Mr. Hartmann’s show and found it of a high technical quality, professional and certainly interesting. I think this has potential to nicely supplement some local programming with a national appeal and national talent on noncom and LPFM stations.

Prometheus Radio Info on Programming
Prometheus always has a lot of good info to share on their website for small stations. You can learn more about programming here, but you might also explore their website for other info.

And finally ...
I couldn’t resist. We all need a moment of Zen, and who can turn their back from high-quality entertainment? Here’s a good old hymn and a classic Italian song to wrap-up OTBP. Don’t worry about knowing the words.

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