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Good Old Days, Part 1

Looking at cool old gear is fun

This edition of Off the Beaten Path, includes links from the “good old days” of radio and technology. Included are a few links to tech info, equipment and the history of radio and TV. We’ll probably have a few follow-ups on this subject. Do not miss the “and finally” at the end of this. It could change your world (or maybe just make people say “far out” again!).

The Glow and Warmth of Tubes
A friend and former employee (and a younger guy too) is a whiz with tube-type gear, especially guitar amps (and my friend, Jean Kdeissy, is a phenomenal guitarist). Jean is now with the engineering team of CNN in New York. But when he speaks of tube-type gear and the very unique sound of the tubes (even the unique sound of various manufacturer’s tubes), I realized how fascinating this really is. This web site is for an on-line store which sells tubes (note that this isn’t an endorsement, just an interesting site) and they review the myriad characteristics and “rate” different tubes by different manufacturers.

The King … of Old Broadcast TV Gear
I’ve had the pleasure and meeting and communicating with Chuck Pharis. Though I know a few “old timers” (sorry Don, Stan, Jerry, and others) that love old radio and TV gear and now have their own “private museums,” I know of no one with probably a more extensive collection and knowledge of old TV gear than Chuck Pharis. He even brought a miniscule part of his collection to the NAB Show about 10 or so years ago. Great guy and incredible collection! (Oh, and apparently with a VERY understanding wife!)

Radiola Guy!
Maybe I just like the old word, radiola. Or maybe it’s because so many early consumer radio products had such interesting design. FYI, this is a web site that sells stuff, but it is fun to look it. Please don’t consider it an endorsement as I know nothing about the company or their service, etc. It’s just an interesting site with some cool old (and reproduced) stuff … plus if you are into rebuilding old radio receivers, Radiola Guy seems to have some incredibly cool old stock inventory.

Dover, Ohio
Dover, Ohio, where I was born and raised, is a small town in the northeast area of Ohio (about 20 miles south of Canton off I-77). It’s not world famous though is known often for Mooney Warther, “The World’s Master Carver.” But in the town is an avid collector of consumer radio and TV equipment. Here’s a link to Larry Auman’s Radio & TV Museum.

And finally …
Ready for this? It has absolutely nothing to do with radio, TV, or technology in any way! (Whew! A moment of Zen!) If you’re a grandparent or parent and want to wow your kids or grandkids, you’re gonna like this! If you want to show someone that you are more than a technical nerd, learn this and be “loved and admired by all.” Okay… maybe not. But this is pretty neat!

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].