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Young Engineers Look to Make a Difference

In Cleveland, engineers try to help the needy

As a young professional, Tyler Slentz is aware of the struggles facing many recent college graduates entering the workforce, specifically in the field of engineering. The 26-year-old technology systems designer at Osborn Engineering in Cleveland isn’t just counting his good fortune that he has found full-time work, though. Rather, he is attempting to not only create a positive and rewarding environment for himself and his peers, but also to make a difference in his community.

With an influx of young engineers joining Osborn, an engineering company that handles sports, radio/television and motion picture production facilities design and development, over the last few years, Slentz saw an opportunity. Along with co-worker Soren Engbert, he created the Osborn Engineering Young Professionals group in early 2015. The group is made up of around 20 people, with an age range of 22–35, that focus on team-building, professional development and community service.

“The inspiration to start the group was to help direct the energy and enthusiasm of our younger engineers into productive group efforts and to help us grow as a team,” said Slentz.

These young professionals took part in their first community service effort this past winter. With one of the coldest winters on record hitting Cleveland, Slentz and his colleagues volunteered to provide relief to Cleveland’s homeless population. The group held a “chili luncheon” to raise money toward personal hygiene kits. Osborn then teamed with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless to distribute the kits, along with boots, backpacks and blankets.

“I hope to see our group continue to focus on community service, growing together as young engineers and hopefully contributing to the innovation of our respective disciplines,” said Slentz.