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The Boob Tube … AKA TV

Fun with radio’s younger sibling

The younger sibling of radio (also known as “radio with a picture”) has spawned a lot of great programs and advanced electronic communications. Portable wasn’t a word easily adopted by television … and it’s been interesting to see how real-life has adopted some of what it’s seen on TV.

KTLA “Telecopter”
This is a fascinating video from the earliest days of “portable” TV communications. We’re fortunate that the nature of radio and TV lends itself to archiving. Though we’ve lost quite a bit of our past to deteriorated film and tape (and even wire), there are plenty of great historical nuggets. This is one of them.

Star Trek … Made in China
I came across an interesting news story related to wealth, sci-fi, TV and “Star Trek.” If you’re a “Star Trek” fan, I think you’re going to like this.

Live, From New York …
Don Pardo made the opening famous, but the show has endeared itself to many of us over its 40-year run (with hopefully more to follow).

I even know a first-hand account of an engineer friend who gave a young Lorne Michaels a tour of Studio 8H. Years later Michaels asked that same engineer to “run over to New Jersey” (where NBC had film vaults) to get footage of “a car crashing over a cliff.” That footage was later seen as “Toonces the Driving Cat” (who inevitably drove over a cliff).

Though I’ve never been fortunate enough to get show tickets (via NBC’s “ticket lottery” each fall), it hasn’t hampered my appreciation for the magic of a live TV comedy performed so many times. If you’d like to see treasures from the show, there’s a traveling exhibit from the show’s history.

And finally …
As someone who does voice-over work, I enjoy hearing so many talented friends doing incredible work. I also enjoy hearing announcers from the past. Here’s an interesting story from The Atlantic related to how the old style of announcing (from years ago) came to be.

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