Mocking Streaming Services With Breakup Analogy

Because those terms of service are like a relationship, right?
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Hot Chocolate Party takes no prisoners with this sketch personifying streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and even Tidal.

The premise is simple: Clementine wants to ditch her current boyfriend (err, streaming service) Spotify for a new experience that can only be found in Apple Music — portrayed by a preppy guy in a white polo shirt.

Apple fans and tech critics will appreciate the verbal dress-down that “Spotty” gives newcomer Apple Music when this betrayal is revealed (buggy user interfaces and Ping are both mentioned).

But Apple Music isn’t the only service that gets mocked — Pandora’s recommendation of the Irish potato famine as a topic of conversation doesn’t exactly speak highly of his intuitive algorithms. And Tidal makes an appearance as a rich kid (whose sunglasses and social awareness are a not-so-subtle paean to Jay-Z).

Watch the video below to find out what sealed the deal for Clementine’s switch to Apple Music.


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Radio Still Leads in Listening

Edison Research has released the results of its new "Share of Ear" study. The survey shows that radio remains king; over half of listening hours are dedicated to traditional over-the-air broadcast AM/FM stations. Nonetheless, Edison Research notes: "the audio space is vibrant and changing – and newer sources of audio, from Internet-only services like Pandora and Spotify, to Satellite Radio, and even TV music channels like Music Choice now account for nearly a quarter of all listening."

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SBE Recognizes Szewczyk

The folks at Harris Broadcast recently passed along some fun news.  Chapter 14 of the Society for Broadcast Engineers honored Brian Szewczyk with a one-time award for Outstanding Dedication and Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to the region's broadcast stations, according to senior SBE member and SCMS Regional Sales Manager Jim Peck. The award was presented at the organization's annual meeting, at a transmission site on Meriden Mountain. Pictured from left to right: John Ramsey, Ch 14 Sec/Treasurer and owner of WAPJ, Ryan Krupa of WQUN(AM) in Hamden, Conn.; and Szewczyk.

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NASH FM Celebrates Launch

On July 18, NASH FM held a launch party to celebrate "America’s Morning Show" at the Cutting Room in New York City.  The show, hosted by Blair Garner, Terri Clark, Chuck Wicks and Sunny Sweeney, also features news anchor Robin Meade of HLN. The private party also included a performance by the cast. From left to right: John Dickey (Executive Vice President / Co-COO), Chuck Wicks(Co-host, America’s Morning Show on NASH FM 94.7), Sunny Sweeney(Co-host, America’s Morning Show on NASH FM 94.7), Terri Clark(Co-host, America’s Morning Show on NASH FM 94.7), Blair Garner(Host, America’s Morning Show on NASH FM 94.7), Kim Bryant(Vice President / Market Manager, Cumulus New York) and John Foxx(Program Director, NASH FM 94.7 & WPLJ 95.5)