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Mocking Streaming Services With Breakup Analogy

Because those terms of service are like a relationship, right?

Hot Chocolate Party takes no prisoners with this sketch personifying streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and even Tidal.

The premise is simple: Clementine wants to ditch her current boyfriend (err, streaming service) Spotify for a new experience that can only be found in Apple Music — portrayed by a preppy guy in a white polo shirt.

Apple fans and tech critics will appreciate the verbal dress-down that “Spotty” gives newcomer Apple Music when this betrayal is revealed (buggy user interfaces and Ping are both mentioned).

But Apple Music isn’t the only service that gets mocked — Pandora’s recommendation of the Irish potato famine as a topic of conversation doesn’t exactly speak highly of his intuitive algorithms. And Tidal makes an appearance as a rich kid (whose sunglasses and social awareness are a not-so-subtle paean to Jay-Z).

Watch the video below to find out what sealed the deal for Clementine’s switch to Apple Music.