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More Variety … Less Repetition, Again

The magic of the turntable

This week’s Off the Beaten Path includes some links that may bring us back to our on-air days or how we got there.

12 Things to Stop Saying to People in Radio
These things rang true to my time as a rock jock (KAZY/106.7 Denver, WLVQ/QFM96 Columbus, Ohio, WONE/97.5 Akron/Cleveland) so I got a good laugh out of these. Though I never made a lot of money as an “on-air personality” (so my professional radio people call the profession), I was NEVER short of free concerts or records/CDs.

Behind the Scenes of Morning Network TV
Doing mornings in radio can be rough with late nights and mornings that come way too early, but at least our audience doesn’t see us! We can look like we “fell out of bed” and no one is any wiser (except our poor co-hosts and news people). This is a pretty neat short photo-documentary of some of the network people and their routines. It includes my fellow Ohio University Bobcat Matt Lauer … so I enjoyed a peek into his (and the others) routines.

A Different Kind of Turntable
I love the fact that vinyl has made a comeback … so naturally turntables are reappearing. I’m glad we didn’t have to try to cue up records with this “Floating Record” turntable! I’ve seen new laser turntables, expensive “resistance-less” tone arms, and even some cool old ideas like record players with “shock absorbers” for below the dash of your car and even the famous “Close’N Play” by Kenner. But I’ve never seen a vertical turntable. Here’s a new one.

And finally …
Here’s a look at that Kenner Close’N Play turntable, from a 1967 commercial. Perhaps some DJs born in the 1960s started their careers with this gem.

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