A Certifiably Good Idea

Chapter 14 lends members a hand with fees
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Here’s a super idea from SBE Chapter 14 in the Connecticut Valley.

The chapter is offering an incentive for members who want to be certified.

“For the next year Chapter 14 will reimburse a member who successfully passes their certification exam for the actual cost with a limit of one certificate reimbursement per member,” Chapter Chairman John Ramsey writes in his latest communication.

Excellent. We’re big believers here at RW of the importance of continuing education in general and of the Society of Broadcast Engineers’ fine certification program in particular. To cite just two examples, our contributor Buc Fitch developed and writes an excellent column for us to help exam-takers prepare. Our contributor Cris Alexander is a leading light in SBE circles in developing the SBE University programs.

Not that certification costs are very high anyway. But kudos for a great idea to the Chapter 14 team including John Ramsey, Joe Dimaggio, John Reno and Ryan Krupa.

If your chapter does something similar or has other creative programs, let me know.


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