In Search of the Future of Radio: Coming Soon

Jonathan Marks releases a trailer for his "documentary in the making."
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Broadcasting consultant and educator Jonathan Marks of Critical Distance is putting together a documentary about the role of radio in society using case studies and interviews he's conducted with stations around the world over the past five years. Marks has posted the a trailer for "In Search of the Future of Radio" on his gadgets blog. It looks interesting, but there's no release date set as of yet.

In Search of Radio's Future - the trailer from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.


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In Search of Access Equality

In the April 11 issue of Radio World, I read the guest commentary "It’s Radio, Jim, But Not as We Know It" by Quentin Howard, which provided some interesting generic insights but fell away on some critical elements.

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Is it possible that the days are numbered for the “broadcasting” part of radio broadcasting?It is certainly no secret that Internet based and mobile media’s assault on the attention span of consumers grows daily. And since that attention quotient is