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Ash Dust From California’s Station Fire

Marv Collins shares photos  

Marv Collins, a retired engineer and friend of RW, shares some pix of interest.

“Paul, you may have heard of the Station Fire in southern California,” he writes. “It burned within 150 feet of our house. This is the same fire that threatened Mount Wilson. The fire is out after we had 2.5 inches of rain a week ago.”

But strong winds this past week brought an ash dust storm. Marv attached three photos.

“The fire may be out but the ash dust from the fire sure continues on a daily basis,” he added.

A morning photo of the burned mountain behind Marv’s house.

An afternoon photo of what looks like fog but is actually ash dust stirred up by the wind. It started as a clear day.

The Collins swimming pool is covered with a layer of ash dust.