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Kudos for ‘A Taste of NAB’

Paul K. enjoys the perspectives of Larry B.

I recently was in Vestal, N.Y., down the road from my office to catch the Road Show “A Taste of NAB” program presented by broadcast veteran Larry Bloomfield, in conjunction with Chapter 1, Society of Broadcast Engineers (Binghamton).

While not a part of the NAB, Larry’s program distills about four days of visits and exhibits into a packed 2-1/2-hour presentation that has something interesting for all the attendees. My normal focus is radio; the presentations on what’s available in television helps all of us who need to be aware of the convergence of digital media.

Larry’s not averse to taking questions; in fact he encourages it during the presentation; that’s how I learned how antennas for GPS clocks are devised and connected.

The information is presented without a blatant sales pitch, in a professional and witty manner. He has many exhibitors that supplied equipment to display on these “road shows.”

If Larry’s Road Show is coming to your area, I suggest that you make some time to attend and expand your horizons.