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McLane: Is Pandora Going After Your Local Radio Sales?

Expands focus on small and medium-sized businesses
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A story on marketing news site ClickZ will no doubt grab the attention of radio sales types.

“Personalized Internet music provider Pandora is looking to pull more business from local advertisers in 2010 with a new sales team aimed solely at small and mid-size businesses,” it reported in an article that was picked up by, among others, NAB’s SmartBrief newsletter.

ClickZ quotes Pandora exec Brian Mikalis saying the company has had more inquiries from local advertisers than its national sales staff could handle.

“If Mikalis' comments are any indication,” ClickZ reports, “that new staff will be trying to sell Pandora to advertisers as less of a Web site than a radio station.”

Read it here.

This, combined with Pandora’s efforts to expand into the auto dashboard through partnerships with consumer electronics makers, offers yet more reason for radio managers to know about what that online competitor is doing.


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