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Group Execs to Talk at NAB Radio Show

David Kennedy, streaming/radio expert, will moderate

Group execs will get together to gab once again during the fall NAB Radio Show, meeting over breakfast to banter about the industry’s issues for the benefit of attendees. Might the next NAB president be among them?

Convention organizers have confirmed panelists for the “Group Executives Super Session Breakfast” on Thursday morning Sept. 24. We look for lots of discussion about the performance royalty, the impact of PPM, whether this economy really is starting to turn and maybe even who will head the association.

You can bet the growing impact of streaming on radio companies will be talked about, given that David Kennedy will moderate; he’s CEO of radio streaming company FlyCast as well as the former CEO of Susquehanna Radio and Interep National Radio Sales (and his name has been heard in the “NAB prez” sweepstakes; he’s already been the association’s joint board chair).

But there’s a lot of radio juice on this particular panel (though no women, yet). The session also will feature Frank Flores, chief revenue officer of Spanish Broadcasting System and former executive in various roles at Infinity Broadcasting; George Laughlin, president of GAP Broadcasting and former GM in Radio One; Mark Mays, CEO of Clear Channel Communications; Bill Stakelin, president and CEO of Regent Communications (a former chairman of both the NAB Radio and NAB Joint Boards and former president of the Radio Advertising Bureau); and Charles Warfield, president/COO of ICBC Broadcast Holdings and currently chair of the NAB Radio Board.

‘Twill be interesting to see how extremely tight travel budgets and sales figures affect attendance; however, Philly usually produces a relatively good turnout for the fall event.