An 'Intelligent Power Outlet'

Safeplug is said to save lives as well as energy
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RW colleague Dale Tucker shares word of an interesting presentation by electronics inventor John LaGrou. His technology promises to "smarten up" the electrical outlets in homes, using microprocessors and RFID tags. The invention is called Safeplug. See the video here.


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An Aug. 3 Remembrance of Emile Berliner

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.“Aug. 3 marks the 81st anniversary of an incredible commemoration.”I received the e mail from Oliver Berliner, grandfather of audio innovator Emile Berliner, and a regular reader of Radio World. “NBC

They’ll Tee Off Once Again for Beeler

Paul McLane is editor in chief of the U.S. edition.I tip my tam to the folks who have kept Scott Beeler’s memory alive with their annual golf outing. Sometimes, well intended events like this can peter out after a

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McLane on: The RDS Placemat

(click thumbnail) Here's the RDS 'placemat' created by Lukas Hurwitz using , showing mobile phones that have RDS functionality. (Note, this is a large file.) A person who brings a fresh perspective sometimes can give us … well, a fresh perspective. Inovonics, which makes