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Something’s Stalking You. And That Ain’t Good

Blesser explores the biological cost of stress in broadcasting

“What happens when our biological system is placed into an engineering laboratory in a broadcast station in the 21st century? Obviously, the system did not evolve for that purpose. Your body does not necessarily distinguish between an ominous lion and a pending layoff; both are experienced as danger.”

That’s our contributor Dr. Barry Blesser, writing in the June issue of Radio World Engineering Extra. He presents a thoughtful discussion of the hidden consequences of the environment in which we find ourselves immersed.

“You are a system. In the same way, an automobile, a broadcast station and an RF transmitter are systems. A good engineer understands the difference between an element and a system.”

Blesser explores the consequences of stress in broadcasting for engineers and other managers. Recommended reading. See it here in digital edition form or on page 22 of the June 10 issue of RWEE.