Well Done, Barbara

Norm Pattiz also makes the cut
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I’m happy to see Barbara Cochran’s name among those to be feted as a “Giant of Broadcasting.”

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The honor is given by the Library of American Broadcasting, which this week is announcing its 2009 list of “giants.”

This year’s honorees also include Norm Pattiz, Chris Rohrs, Katie Couric, Ken Burns, Dr. Woo Paik, Barbara Cochran and the late Bea Arthur and Ed McMahon.

Cochran led the Radio-Television News Directors Association and the associated Radio and Television News Directors Foundation for 13 years. She’s been a journalist and news executive in Washington for almost three decades and a vocal proponent of First Amendment rights as well as newsroom diversity.

Well done Barbara.

Here’s a link to the bios of all the recipients.

I do hope in future to see more radio engineering/radio technology innovators on the Library’s list. Of interest to television engineers this year is Dr. Woo Paik, an innovator in digital video compression, digital transmission and digital signal processing.

This brings the Library’s total of “giants” to 108.


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