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25-Seven Increases Delay for Precision Delay

Company also receives patent for PDM

The newest member of the Telos Alliance, 25-Seven, has announced that its Precision Delay has had its delay/timeshifting time increased up to four hours. Notably this can greatly aid time zone difficulties for programs.

Jeff Steadman, president, 25-Seven said, “We designed Precision Delay for a range of radio applications. In addition to helping stations and networks delay programming, Precision Delay can also be used to address drift between analog and HD Radio transmission signals.”

The company has also announced that its Program Delay Manager profanity delay was recently issued a patent. According to a release, the patent covers the PDM’s “PD-Alert feature that provides audio evidence whenever PDM’s ‘dump’ feature is used.”

In addition there is a software update for the PDM. Version 2.3 has an enhanced data-follows-audio function that now permits synchronization from any data input to any data output according to a release. It also adds the ability for remote operators to control multiple PDMs from a single computer through multiple windows. There are also improvements to logging and performance. The software update is free.