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A Mic Clamp for Tough Duties

Press Conference Microphone Clamp is a tool Tim Allen would love

The Bauhaus would be proud — form follows function with the Press Conference Microphone Clamp.

Created by videographer Dean Smith, the Press Conference Microphone Clamp, is a take-no-prisoners mic clamp that aims to lock down a microphone. He developed it through trial and error in the quest to build a mic stand/mount that wouldn’t be easily knocked over, come loose, strip-out or slide off of what it was clipped to.

A metal vise with jaws spanning app. 1.5 inches forms one end. That end can be solidly attached to a table, podium, protruding tab, mic boom or even a camera. It connects to an aluminum alloy “body” via an arm and ball joint, allowing almost full global rotation. The body is basically a sandwich that can be tightened and loosened via a bolt knob in the center.

At the other end is another ball jointed arm, this one with a stud-mounted standard mic clamp from Shure. It too has significant rotation range and is tightened by the knob.

The component maker makes industrial mounts used by industry and law enforcement. Smith swapped out one of the arms for a stronger arm to fit his needs and ordered a batch. The plucky entrepreneur is now selling them — first come, first served. Price: $62.

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