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A New AM Transmitter From Nautel

25 kW model NX25 is built on the same platform as the NX50

Sometimes it seems that a new FM transmitter is introduced weekly; but new AM transmitters are rarer. So if you’re in need of a new AM box, especially one capable of sending the signal further than across town, the Nautel booth might be worth a visit.

The NX25 is capable of 25 kW and offers HD Radio and DRM options. Digital precorrection is included along with 2.7 MHz Direct Digital Modulation and an expected 88 percent efficiency.

Like other NX series transmitters, the NX25 has a 17-inch LCD touchscreen that is driven by Nautel’s Advanced User Interface control system. The AUI offers direct monitoring and control from the transmitter’s front cover door.

Peter Conlon, Nautel president and CEO, said the new model “further demonstrates our commitment to providing the global broadcast industry the best transmission choices at a wide range of power levels.”

Booth: N7016