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A New Instreamer From Barix

First Instreamer since 2007

Barix had not released a new Instreamer IP encoder since 2007. Now comes one called simply “Instreamer.”

The latest Barix box is just what it says it is: a new IP encoding device.

According to Barix the new Instreamer has a constant bit-rate monitor to improve performance.

Barix CEO and Founder Johannes G. Rietschel said: “The new Instreamer now supports MP3 encoding at constant bit-rate, which works more effectively with Web-based media servers.”

The Instreamer also is more energy-efficient and cheaper. It supports MP3, PCM and VoIP (µ-law/A-law) codecs along with TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, Shoutcast, Multicast streaming.