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Acoustical Surfaces Throws a Curve

Treatment system uses recycled products

There’s a new player in the acoustical treatment market, Acoustical Surfaces. The Minnesota-based company has a product group for professional contractor and retail use, Acoustic Geometry; the first line in that group is called the Curve System.

The Curve System consists of diffusers, an absorber and a corner trap; these are designed around a gentle curved shape more reminiscent of molding rather than more traditional flat or sharp-angled acoustic treatment products, the company says.

The 42-inch long Diffusor comes in three sizes, small (13.5 x 5 inches), medium (21 x 7 inches) and large (30 x 10 inches). These are constructed with internal bass traps made from a “mass-loaded vinyl membrane.” Expected performance is 40–300 Hz absorption and diffusion in the 300 Hz–20 kHz range.

The Absorber (42 x 21 x 4.5 inches) will work in the 200 Hz–20 kHz range while the Corner Trap (42 x 21 x 18 inches), resembling a large piece of quarter-round floor molding follows the specs of the Diffusor.

Recycled cotton from acoustical panels is a key sound absorbing ingredient. Different fabric, color and finishing options and custom sizes are available.

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