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Acoustics First Paints the Sound Away

Company introduces paintable acoustic tiles

It’s no secret that the visual side of acoustic treatment products has over the last few years leapt forward. Simple egg carton styles, charcoal squares and Fisher-Price-colored foam pyramids won’t cut it anymore.

Acoustics First is adding to the available menu for any design-conscious acoustic dampening task with Tone Tiles.

Tone Tiles are 2-foot x 1-foot fiberglass acoustic tiles with a fiberboard backing and a paintable front surface. The white surface resembles standard drywall and can be spray-painted for a single-color finish or printed with a design. The tiles are 1.125 inches thick.

Tone Tiles have a Class A fire rating and a 0.90 noise reduction coefficient. They come 10 to a box. Price: $350.