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Active Power Has the Power

Modular solutions offer generators and UPS in a single unit

One of the tech-driven growth industries of the last decade has been power management products. From small and ubiquitous power strip/surge protectors to industrial-sized uninterruptible power supplies that can power a facility for a week, electrical power flow products are available widely.

One of the latest is the PowerHouse line from Austin, Texas-based Active Power. The PowerHouse is a “containerized” power protection system. Containerized means it comes in its own metal shed, allowing for independent operation or deployment on a flatbed truck or trailer.

Customized to user requirements, a PowerHouse system can contain diesel generators, Active Power’s UPS systems, switchgear, power distribution units, flywheels and more. Systems range from 200 kW to 960 kW.

The company says PowerHouse can provide critical backup power support for a broadcast event or meet a customer’s need for modular infrastructure expansion, fast deployment, disaster recovery or temporary power system support.