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AEQ Introduces Conexia Intercom System

An integrated system for the centralized management of radio and TV studios

AEQ has released the Conexia platform, a fully featured intercom system that can also serve as the centralized management of audio signals for radio and TV studios.

The Conexia is based on the Kroma Intercom master controller and AEQ audio matrix with a capacity of up to 1024 x 1024 crosspoints and a modular card structure. The company says the system is able to integrate intercom and broadcast audio sources into the same matrix, with internal sampling at 48 kHz at 24 bits and that it is fully redundant. AEQ also points out that it is compatible with all Kroma intercom terminals and can expand its interface with Kroma accessories and AEQ cards.

An optional feature available for the Conexia system is the AEQ Phoenix Family of audio codecs. These codecs are suitable for a range of telecommunications infrastructures and integrate via Conexia’s management software CrossMapper.

AEQ reports that the Conexia intercom system has already been put in place in a number of broadcast stations around the world.