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AEQ Makes the ConeXia

Intercom system thinks big

AEQ is pointing to its new ConeXia intercom system as a fruit of its acquisition of Kroma.

ConeXia (shown) is a multiformat digital intercom system with up to 1,024 x 1,024 crosspoints. It seeks to be platform agnostic, capable of shuttling communications across IP, ISDN, GSM, POTS, and more. Scalable and customizable, it offers 24-bit/48 kHz signals, including multichannel.

On the traditional front, AEQ has the Capitol IP, a small footprint IP radio broadcast mixer. The Capitol IP communicates with its processor/I/O box via IP.

Also new is the Phoenix Stratos codec. The Phoenix Stratos offers dual interface and full duplex performance. One side is X21/V35 and the other side is ISDN. AEQ says this codec has the same features as the Phoenix Venus.